Maritz Africa Intelligence and PwC produce Retail and Consumer Outlook report

Maritz Africa Intelligence contributed to PwC’s Retail and Consumer Outlook: Sub-Saharan Africa report, which looks at the trends shaping the retail and consumer sector on the continent. Findings include a positive long-term outlook despite a decline in growth; a consumer base which is increasingly informed; a growth in African companies, local production and online retail; as well as distribution challenges, developments in informal trade, and supply-chain optimisation strategies.

With a focus on 10 countries – Angola, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia –  chosen for the size of their economies and their attractiveness from a consumer perspective, the report offers a zoomed in perspective on individual nations as well as a big picture look at the sector across the continent.

The report notes that the quality of infrastructure varies from country to country, despite significant investment into improving infrastructure, and encourages companies to, “assess each country individually and ensure they understand how the quality of ports, roads and energy infrastructure will impact their operations”, adding that, “A critical success factor for retailers and consumer goods companies moving into many African countries has been their ability to implement supply chains that deal with the operational challenges that exist”.

Download the full report here.

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